Winter Energy Healing

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Winter Energy Healing

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For many of us, the coming of winter is bittersweet. Holidays bring celebrations of tradition and family and yummy food but the cold weather and shortened days stimulate feelings of isolation and depression. We can feel unmotivated to leave the house because of the early sunsets, too tired to go to the gym, bored so we over-indulge in food and sweets and TV and disconnected from our spiritual selves.

Each season gifts us the opportunity to explore and strengthen our chakras and certain chakras are connected with certain seasons. Spring is coupled with the heart and throat chakras, summer is associated with the third eye and crown chakra, fall is connected to the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra, and winter, the season present on the horizon, is a time to explore the root, solar plexus and sacral chakras.

How do each of these chakras relate to winter?

Root Chakra: The root chakra is the grounding chakra and is located at the base of the spine. The color associated with it is red. Its function is grounding and an its inner state is stillness and stability. Since it’s associated planet is earth, getting connected to our lower levels is important. Winter is perfect for connecting with out root chakra because it our time to hibernate and spend time reading, watching movies, or laying in front of the fire. You can connect with your root chakra by doing grounding yoga poses, making some tea and curling up on the couch with a good book, or sitting on the floor and meditating. Winter is a great time to get comfortable with yourself and spend time alone and root chakra work is important for connecting with our inner-self.

Sacral Chakra: the sacral chakra is the second chakra and is located in the pelvis right below the naval. The color associated with it is orange and it is the chakra of sexuality, desire, pleasure, and procreation. Since it’s celestial body is the moon, night is a great time to connect with your sacral chakra. Spending intimate time with a significant other, indulging in your favorite sweets and reading a book about karma sutra, or having a glass of wine and taking a bath are all ways to connect with our sacral chakra. Remember to spoil yourself a little and indulge in some desires, but with the sacral chakra in mind while doing so. Over indulgence will throw your system out of whack and the work will be lost.

Solar Plexus Chakra: the solar plexus chakra is the third chakra and is located in the middle of the stomach above the naval. The color associated with it is yellow and it is the chakra or laughter, power, calming emotions and anger. It is the chakra that drives our secondary emotional responses to situations. Anger, joy and power are all secondary emotions to our primary emotions which are happiness and sadness. The planets associated with the solar plexus is the sun and mars. The solar plexus chakra is a good chakra to work with when spring is getting closer and winter is ending. Taking time to go for a walk on a sunny winter day, spending time with friends in a cozy coffee shop or bar for some laughs, or singing along to your favorite rock band as loud as you can so release some harbored anger are all ways to connect with your solar plexus chakra.

As the colder and shorter months come, it is important to remember that self-acceptance is the most important tool for learning to love the world with a little less sun light. It is our time to connect with our inner-self, get grounded and become the light we are missing from the sun! Our natural source of vitamin D is important and will return shortly, but for now, connect with yourself and the earth and strengthen your inner light so you can share it with others in the coming months ☺


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